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The Best Dogs for Kids . com is about a dream of our family to own our very own puppy dog. 

Our first stop -- like many families -- was a pet store.

We did no research before we entered the pet store.  The store had two puppies in a portable metal cage 15 feet from the door.  One of the puppies, the smallest and by-far the cutest, tugged at our heart strings.

When we looked at the price, it was much more than we had expected. Certainly much more than we had paid for our cat, who was sitting home quite innocent to what we were thinking about doing.

Since the cost was too much money, our family (children and adults included) walked out of the pet store disappointed.  We had our hearts sold on buying a puppy, not just any puppy, the small cute puppy that seemed to be calling our name.  We knew little-to-nothing about even what breed the puppy was, but we overheard the staff at the pet store say it was a Pomeranian and 4 weeks old.

As soon as we returned to our home, Alysha (our 10 year old daugther) collected all her money she was saving, negotiated a deal with her 8 year old brother, Austin, to also put his money he was saving for Disney World to go towards a new puppy. She put the money in an envelope with the words "new puppy" written on the outside of the envelope with the total cost of the puppy and how much the children have saved.

It was our children's enthusiasm -- their dream to have a puppy -- that provided the inspiration for us to think out-of-the-box as a family.  I went to bed thinking about PuppyLand.

The next morning we talked.

We looked up information on the Pomerian puppy and whether they are "good for kids."  The internet said that since the Pom's are a toy breed that they are not recommended for children.

WOW!  The puppy that captured our heart strings, the puppy we would have bought if we had enough money, was not recommended for small children.

So....we decided we wanted a puppy dog for the family but needed to do other things before we brought one into our family.

First thing, we needed to learn about puppies (even the ones that aren't cute!).  Things like how to care for them, how to select the best puppy for a young family, time commitment, need to keep our house clean, etc.

Second, we needed a plan on how could we afford a new puppy and to involve the children as much as possible.

We thought we could learn information about the best type of a puppy for young children, pass this information along to other people through a website and through a one-pager sent home to school students. And, we'd sell advertising space on this website and on the one-pager, and we'd be able to buy a new puppy then.....

Picture this: Our 10 year old was going through the telephone book and looking for companies that may be interested in advertising; our 8 year old was searching for information about dogs on the internet; our 5 year old was giggling and smiling as she was thinking about names for the puppy; our 2 year old was just plain happy because he was seeing everyone else so happy.

As we started our learning, we first called our project the PEI Puppy Project and then changed it to The Best Dogs for  You can follow this link to read an explaination of our ranking categories and where we found our information.

We hope you find this information useful.

We will be writing about our experiences with our puppy and how we are training our puppy in the weeks and months to come.

The Trenholm Family
Alysha (10 years)
Austin (8 years)
Alayna (5 years)
Aaron (2 years)
Gavin (8 years)
Elizabeth (Mom)
Ken (Daddy)
Ceilidh (New Puppy)

We make our home in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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